Sadguru Public School (SPS)

Co-Educational Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

Nursery/Play Group Wing

The Pre - Primary section is the most important and exciting area of SPS. Minute care has been taken to design this wing for our children. A mother touch can be felt here and learning is made enjoyable through play way approach of education. The all round development of each individual is fostered by providing various firsthand experience of observing, exploring and discovering.

Kindergarten  are taught through creative plays, puzzles, language and other  resources, manipulative games storytelling, outing, singing dancing etc. Various methods are adopted for our little star by our well trained teachers to induce learning while going and time to time we invite the resources persons to enhance the methodologies of teaching.

We strongly believe children are like clay and can be molded in whatever shape given to them, that the initial formative period in the nursery school lays foundation and leaves a lasting impression on the child's mind. This child centered approach aims at providing opportunities for the overall development/growth of the student.We focus on Holistic development based curriculum which emphasizes on growth. All aspects of the child development are taken care of. Use of thematic based learning is there in which all activities are centered on one central theme and throughout the year ever aspect is covered.